Wine (Crossover Office 18) and Microsoft Office 2016

I use Ubuntu (18.10) for work. For RDP I use a Virtual Machine running Windows 10. While LibreOffice is great for many things, its Microsoft Office comparability is limited. Especially PowerPoint presentations do not look great. Google Slides does a great job here. As long as I have an internet connection it is my preferred choice for office, also due to its collaboration features. Sometimes I still need to use original Microsoft Office applications. Running them in a VM is one option, but the integration into the filesystem, especially with my Nextcloud sucks though.

Years ago I was running an older version of office with WINE. I was not in the mood to play around with the config so I bought Crossover Office 2018 and give Microsoft Office 2016 (32 bit) a try. The good thing is the money will find its way towards the WINE project.

Out of the box Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and Publisher seem to work. PowerPoint did not. It took me a while to figure it out and Google did not help much. But after disabling ‘Performance Enhanced Graphics’ for the bottle it launches.

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