Upgrading NextCloud on PLESK Server

I encountered timeouts and problems with the web updater of NextCloud. Since it is super easy to use the command line updater and nothing like that has appeared here I think this is the way to go. I run a root server with PLESK. I use PHP 7.3 installed via plesk for the cloud subdomain.

Here are all the commands:

Change directory to wherever your NextCloud installation is located:

[code] cd /var/www/vhosts/DOMAIN/cloud [/code]

Your USER would be www-data or the owner of the domain in PLESK:

sudo -u USER /opt/plesk/php/7.3/bin/php updater/updater.phar

Say “yes” to start the upgrade.

Say no here! The system php maybe different from the one used by Plesk.

sudo -u USER /opt/plesk/php/7.3/bin/php occ upgrade

This checks if some maintenance on db side (not indexed columns) needs to be taken care of.

sudo -u USER /opt/plesk/php/7.3/bin/php ./occ db:add-missing-indices

Then switch off the maintenance mode.

sudo -u USER /opt/plesk/php/7.3/bin/php occ maintenance:mode –off

Yabause 0.9.15 and (K) Ubuntu 18.10

I own a Sega Saturn which I did not bring to the US. I really do not want to mess around with PAL/NTSC and the power adapter.
Luckily there is a great emulator for that old gaming console: Yabause.

Ubuntu and its variants ship Yabause 0.9.14. Since 2016 0.9.15 is out and it has several bug fixes which are listed in the changelog.

I decided to build it from the source code. That required a few adjustments and I am writing them down more or less for myself for future reference.

The source code can be downloaded from here.Extract archive and create build directory

Extract archive and create build directory:
cd Downloads
tar xvf ~/Downloads/yabause-0.9.15.tar.gz
cd yabause-0.9.15
mkdir build
cd build
Install dependencies:
sudo apt install freeglut3-dev libglew-dev libopenal-dev qtbase5-dev qtmultimedia5-dev cmake cmake-gui libqt5multimedia5 libqt5gamepad5-dev 

Note that I might be missing some here that were already installed on my system but might not be installed on yours. If you encounter errors I am happy to help out in the comments.

Add missing includes to header files:

Line 25 of ../src/qt/ui/UICheats.h add
#include <QButtonGroup>

Line 23 of ../src/qt/ui/UICheats.h add
#include <QButtonGroup>

Line 25 of ../src/qt/ui/UIHexInput.h add
#include <QValidator>
Click configure and generate. This is where missing libraries show up.
Run cmake with options (otherwise linking will fail)  and qt:
Run make and install: 
sudo make install
Dungeons & Dragons: TheTower of Doom

Awesome window manager: Missing icons in Control Center

If you’re running the awesome window manager and are using the gnome-session or gnome-settings-daemon as well as the gnome-control-center you might have noticed it is missing some icons (see screenshot on the right).
This is due to an entry in the “gnome*panel*.desktop” files located in “/usr/share/applications”: 


You can quickly fix this by changing it to:


Of course you do not have to do this by hand. Simply use this handy command:

sudo find /usr/share/applications/ -name "gnome*panel*desktop" -print 
 | xargs sudo sed -i 's/OnlyShowIn=GNOME;/OnlyShowIn=GNOME;Awesome;/g'