Strange behavior of the numpad in the Vi editor if using the RXVT virtual terminal

I recently changed my default terminal to rxvt. It spawns really fast, can be run in server-client mode and is higly configurable. I think it might be the best terminal currently around.
But I experienced strange behavior of the numpad while running the Vi editor.
And this is how it can be fixed. Please note that i map only the numbers and not the arrow keys, because I use the Neo keyboard layout, where great arrow keys are available on Level 4.

1. Create/open a file in your home directory called .Xmodmap:

vim .Xmodmap

and add the following lines:

keycode 63 = KP_Multiply
keycode 79 = KP_7
keycode 80 = KP_8
keycode 81 = KP_9
keycode 82 = KP_Subtract
keycode 83 = KP_4
keycode 84 = KP_5
keycode 85 = KP_6
keycode 86 = KP_Add
keycode 87 = KP_1
keycode 88 = KP_2
keycode 89 = KP_3
keycode 90 = KP_0
keycode 91 = KP_Decimal
keycode 112 = Prior
keycode 117 = Next

2. Create/open a file in your home directory called /.xinitrc:
vim ~/.xinitrc
and add the following lines:
xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

3. Open your .zshrc or .bashrc depending on the shell you use:

vim .zshrc

and add the following line:

export TERM=ansi

And you’re done! Note that you might need to restart the terminal.

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  1. I found this in a forum:

    A cleaner solution to this problem would probably be editing your ~/.Xdefaults for urxvt instead of changing the keymap for the whole system.

    In order to get the numpad working in my zsh+urxvt+vim setup I had to add these lines:

    URxvt.keysym.KP_Add: +
    URxvt.keysym.KP_Subtract: –
    URxvt.keysym.KP_Multiply: *
    URxvt.keysym.KP_Divide : /
    URxvt.keysym.KP_Decimal : .
    URxvt.keysym.KP_Separator : ,
    URxvt.keysym.KP_1: 1
    URxvt.keysym.KP_2: 2
    URxvt.keysym.KP_3: 3
    URxvt.keysym.KP_4: 4
    URxvt.keysym.KP_5: 5
    URxvt.keysym.KP_6: 6
    URxvt.keysym.KP_7: 7
    URxvt.keysym.KP_8: 8
    URxvt.keysym.KP_9: 9
    URxvt.keysym.KP_0: 0

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